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We monitor your app and fix problems for you so you can focus on more important things such as growing your business.

You invested your time and money getting your app into the App Store. Protect your investment with Peak App Care. We monitor your app and fix crashes for you so you don't have to worry about them. And with Peak App Care you also get unlimited small jobs, which means we fix bugs and make improvements to your app that you request. You get all this and more for one low monthly fee.


Publishing a mobile app isn’t the same as publishing a song. When a musician publishes a song, the song remains the same. There are no unexpected bugs in the song, and the song doesn’t need updating just because some new piece of hardware is released. The same is not true of software.

Software publishers like you must deal with...

Unexpected Crashes and Bugs

Your customers will use your app in ways you have not thought of and this will result in crashes and unexpected bugs in your application. Crashes and bugs that remain in your app reduce the overall quality of your app, which in turn can hurt app sales.

New OS Releases

A new major release of iOS comes out once a year and with each new release comes a number of new API and frameworks, deprecated API and frameworks, and new behaviors that can and will impact the quality of your app. Not updating your app for each new iOS release will eventually lead to fewer downloads of your app.

New Devices

New iOS devices from Apple can have a negative impact on the perceived quality of your application. Just look at what happened when Apple released the iPhone 6 Plus. The only way to take full advantage of this device when it came out was to update your app to support the larger display. Apps that have not been updated to support the latest iOS devices from Apple will have less success in the long run.

Unlike a song, a mobile app is never completed. It requires continuous updates to remain successful in the App Store.


Peak App Care helps you overcome the burden of maintaining your app once it has been published to the App Store by providing a set of services that helps ensure the quality of your app long after its initial release.

Unlimited Fixes and Small Jobs

We fix bugs and crashes found in your app. Plus, we do small job at your request, from updating assets to preparing your app for the next major iOS release.

Crash Detecting and Reporting

We update your app with a crash reporting library that tells us about crashes when they occur. Then we fix the crashes right away, and tell you what happened and why.

App Store Management

From updating screenshots to submitting new builds of your app, we eliminate the pains of App Store submissions by managing the process for you so you can focus on more important aspects of your business.


Most small businesses cannot afford to hire an in-house staff of software developers. That's why most companies rely on freelancers and app development companies to build their app for them. Chances are good your company does the same.

But what happens after your app is in the App Store?

Most of the time the the app developer who built your app has moved on to another project. Meanwhile your customers will send your feedback about your app in the form of feature requests, bugs, and crash reports.

How will you address your customers concerns and maintain the quality of your app once it's in the App Store?

You can re-hire the app developer, but it may takes weeks, even months before the developer can work on your app again. You can spend your value time searching for and hiring another app developer, but again it may takes weeks to find the right developer. Or you can subscribe to Peak App Care and let help you.

Peak App Care monitors your app for crashes, and we start working on a fix as soon as a crash is reported. This gives you peace of mind knowing that critical problems in your app are fixed right away without you having to wait on the original app developer or spending time hiring another developer to fix the problem.

Stop worrying about who will fix the latest crash in your app. Let us do the worrying for you, so you can focus on your business.


Working with Kirby has been fantastic at every level. He’s an expert iOS developer, but he’s also great at design/UX and app strategy. I didn’t give him very detailed specs, so he asked great questions and then designed and implemented just the right app. He’s super-smart. I’d trust him with any iOS project and definitely want to hire him again.

Stefan Reitshamer Founder,

Working with Kirby has been more productive than I ever imagined. He is able to address technical issues quickly and efficiently freeing me up to work on other important business tasks. And his professionalism and attention to detail has made iCardSort a much better and more stable app making my users happier. I should have contacted him sooner.

Julio Barros E-String Technologies, Inc.


Kirby Turner - Founder, Chief Code Monkey -