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Repair Ps2 Disk Read Error


Remove the tray completely. 3. Slim Line (#2463) June 30th, 2006 hey, my ps2 loads GTA san andreas, up to where u c those pics where it loads…then it dies…ok…wtf is wrong with it? if not then you should try a cleaning disk like this one

whats funny is i took the game back and got a replacment, took it home, put it in the system i think the game is corrupt.:(

hmm is this the only disk that does that :? click site

If you wish to be unblocked, you must agree that you will take immediate steps to rectify this issue. It tries to keep going, making that awful grinding noise. many thank, FIllY rick (#2180) December 29th, 2005 Filly, whats your email? Blew the fuse. http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Fix-the-PS2-Disk-Read-Error/

Ps2 Slim Disc Read Error

Thank You ! Ever! mr bongo (#2326) March 26th, 2006 Greetings all, I have a SCPH-50003 Model PS2 - a model with two white alan key style adjusters (as opposed to the standard single one This includes a Class 1 laser, which can blind you.

The procedure is the same. MadJester (#2492) July 8th, 2006 Thank you so much! ALSO MAKE SURE THE MAINS PLUG IS REMOVED AS THERE ARE VERY DANGEROUS VOLTAGES INSIDE WHICH CAN KILL.ALSO DO NOT OPERATE THE CONSOLE WITH THE LASER EXPOSED TO YOUR EYES AS Ps2 Won't Read Discs The unit is 8 years old so I would imagine some filth has built up on the disc reading laser lens inside of it.

The top of it must be removed with a small screw driver. LHYellowJackets4!No problem! -gamerI had to do this on my normal PS2More CommentsAbout This Instructable 66,443views24favoritesLicense:LHYellowJackets4Follow12Bio: I love sports in basketball I play point guard in baseball I play pitcher and first I also tried shoving something in there to keep the laser down, but it will then only read the disc for a second then it won’t spin anymore.

I finally got Killzone to work.

its NCAA 2006 and i want to play the damn thing… what is wrong i was thinking it was the optical eye or somthing.. Ps2 Disc Read Error Easy Fix The worm drive could be worn, the laser arm could be faulty in some way, or it could be some other problem. Meer weergeven Laden... I press eject when the red light is on and it turns on the ps2, so i don’t think i disconnected a cord.

Ps2 Disc Read Error Fix Without Opening

You can change this preference below. http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2003/11/ps2-repair-guide/ if you know how to fix this, please email me at [email protected] . Ps2 Slim Disc Read Error Put it in the spot you marked, and make sure it aligns again. How To Make A Ps2 Read A Disc Tody i had off and my game monster rancher 4, kinda kiddy but addicting, didnt work, so i tried KH2 and it didnt work either.

Anonymous (#2303) March 16th, 2006 yo thanks ur help really worked!!!!!! http://peakappcare.com/read-error/read-disk-error-fix.php I started seaching last night and within about 5 minutes, found my way to your page. Any kindda’ help would be appreciated. I’ve got a fix for you people! Ps2 Disc Read Error Guaranteed Fix

aszure (#2519) July 16th, 2006 Just to add my “Me Too”. TMURPH (#2304) March 16th, 2006 my ps2 will play Gran turismo 3 annd test drive and jeremy mcgrath but it wont play gran turismo 4 anyone know whats up with that? Much appreciated.wow i could have figured this out on my own. http://peakappcare.com/read-error/repair-disk-read-error-ps3.php I’m assuming that u already have the system open and unplugged.) Undo the two screws that hold the controller ports carefully, and place them in a safe place.

When I hit ‘X’ to select the disc, the screen goes black for a second, and then returns to the browser. Ps2 Disc Not Spinning Well this is true only on one case. after finding the right setting, i turned the ps2 off and turned it back on.

Bart (#2047) July 7th, 2005 Now I can finaly play those burnt dvds!

It might not work with your situation, but I've had it with in the past. I tried using a small flathead screwdriver to move the cog around but I notice ABSOLUTELY NO movement in the laser. Bandu Ben (#2461) June 28th, 2006 I’ve had my PS2 for 4-5 years now. 3 years in, it grinded and couldn’t read discs. Ps2 Disc Read Error Clicking Sound I circled all the square things in the picture. « PreviousNext »View All Steps DownloadAdvertisementI have done all the things instead i have changed the laser but still not working but

norm (#2055) July 19th, 2005 Fuck all of you playstation game playing bastards because my playstion2 suck dick and balls Quiana (#2056) July 19th, 2005 I accidentally took out the tape If anyone could e-mail me ([email protected]) or just repost with some help it would be greatly appreciated. Somewhere if you just google it, there is a site that sells you new laser drives and they come with giudes to install them. http://peakappcare.com/read-error/repair-read-error-hard-disk.php And I know that it is not that the memory card data was lost or deleted because I started the game over and when I tried to save it it wouldn’t