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Ensuring the HDD was correctly connected and the connector was clean didn't help either. EAGAIN or EWOULDBLOCK The file descriptor fd refers to a socket and has been marked nonblocking (O_NONBLOCK), and the read would block. The normalized and worst values haven't changed anyway, so the assesment is still OK in the SMART data. For stream access, an end-of-file condition occurs when you attempt to read beyond the end of a file. http://peakappcare.com/read-error/read-error-in-data-read-ansys.php

What's a Racist Word™? Games will drop to extremely low framerates when loading new areas despite having more than enough ram and more than adequate video card. CONFORMING TO top SVr4, 4.3BSD, POSIX.1-2001. no 43 Complex value expected using list-directed or NAMELIST input in external file but not found.

Read Error Rate Fix

And maybe tell me what they think of the results I got for my HDD? (Thanks) hard-drive smart share|improve this question asked Jan 6 '11 at 23:46 Marty 78021015 In other words, there have been hard drives with "Caution" that continued working flawlessly for years, and "Good" hard drives that failed the next day. share|improve this answer answered Jan 7 '11 at 15:46 psusi 26.8k13674 I've got a drive that is pretty much only failing the raw read error rate. Backblaze One SMART stat that Backblaze found correlated with impending hard drive failures is 187, a stat that indicates the number of read errors that occur on a hard drive.

If the IOSTAT= and END= specifiers are not present on the input statement when an end-of-file condition is encountered, the program stops. Forum Attribute Raw Read Error Rate Forum New Seagate HDD High Read error rate and Seek error rate. Nothing happens at this attribute. What Is Raw Read Error Rate no 97 Invalid decimal digit found in input.

It may also occur when there is a low-level I/O error while reading from a disk or tape. EIO I/O error. IOSTAT Values for Severe Error Conditions IOSTAT Value Error Description 1 END= is not specified on a direct access READ and the record is nonexistent. 2 End of file encountered on Furthermore, HD Tune's author only reports the lower 32 bits of each attribute, not the full 48 bits.

after all , it's none of your beeswax. (see I'm a perfect drive , i lie to you) (but does not matter, day1, in the least) Also there a 3 times Raw Read Error Rate Western Digital BrandPostsLearn more Sponsored by Acronis Disaster Recovery: An Executive Priority