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It is possible for the long test to pass even if the short test fails.[74] The drive's self-test log can contain up to 21 read-only entries. It is a pre-fail attribute that trips once the drive detects that the internal environment is out of specification.[25] 170 0xAA Available Reserved Space See attribute E8.[26] 171 0xAB SSD Program It is important to realize that any of the ways to eliminate a SMART error is self-deception. The T.E.C. this contact form

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Smart Current Worst Threshold

Scotts Valley, California: Seagate Technology. Stop using the faulty HDD; Restore deleted data from the disk; Scan the disk for bad sectors; Reduce the disk temperature; Run hard disk defragmentation; Buy a new hard disk; Stop Some require special sensors (e.g.

Archived from the original (PDF) on 2013-02-01. siguardian.com. UCSC SMART suite, SourceForge by: cornwell. Smart Raw Read Error Rate The hard drive must be fitted with the appropriate sensor to get information about the G-loads.

An alternative might be to use some sort of x86 emulator with PCI passthrough to snoop on what it's transactions with the IDE controller, but I didn't investigate this route... What Is Raw Read Error Rate Technical characteristics and performance: Capacity; Read and write speed; Memory cache size; Response time; Fail safety. Retrieved 2014-03-31. The meaning and interpretation of the attributes varies between manufacturers, and are sometimes considered a trade secret for one manufacturer or another.

Retrieved February 3, 2006. How To Read Smart Data This helps to reduce the risk of incurring permanent loss of data. This allows a drive with bad sectors to continue operation. When the hard drive finds a read/write/verification error, it marks this sector as "reallocated" and transfers data to a special reserved area (spare area).

What Is Raw Read Error Rate

Attributes not listed here are "vendor specific" attributes (their purpose is not known). 01Buffer over/under run counters 02_0000Write errors corrected without substantial delay 02_0001Write errors corrected with possible delays 02_0002Total write Examining this log may help one to determine whether computer problems are disk-related or caused by something else (error log timestamps may "wrap" after 232 ms = 49.71 days[15]) A drive Smart Current Worst Threshold attributes - A new Windows interface for smartctl". Reallocated Sector Count Raw Value Retrieved 12 July 2016. ^ "9147: S.M.A.R.T.

Sat Dec 21 20:31:59 PST 2013 System powering off... weblink If there is a failure in the mechanical positioning system, a servo damage or a thermal widening of the hard disk, seek errors arise. Compaq submitted IntelliSafe to the Small Form Factor (SFF) committee for standardization in early 1995.[8] It was supported by IBM, by Compaq's development partners Seagate, Quantum, and Conner, and by Western Some codes are specific to particular drive types (magnetic platter, flash, SSD). Smart Threshold

Some attributes are of similar meaning (just counted differently), so only one of them will normally be monitored by the drive. The latest "SMART" technology not only monitors hard drive activities but adds failure prevention by attempting to detect and repair sector errors. attributes ID Hex Name Description 01 01 Read Error Rate Indicates the rate of hardware read errors that occurred when reading data from a disk surface.1 The raw value has different navigate here ECC On-The-Fly Count (Hitachi) 96 ? (Maxtor) 97 ? (Maxtor) 98 ? (Maxtor) 99 ? (Maxtor) 100 ? (Maxtor) 101 ? (Maxtor) 191 G-Sense Error Rate 192 Power-Off Retract Cycle 193

HDD manufacturer chooses the list of these attributes according to their capacities, in order to predict the deterioration of the operating characteristics or to determine HDD's defectiveness. Smart Raw_read_error_rate Drive lifetime information Drive start/stop count These two provide the estimation of the drive wear. Rule of thumb is: high values are good, low values are bad. "Threshold" - the minimum normalized value limit for the attribute.

Errors found on the disk as a result of scanning can be corrected.

Source forge. ^ "9157: S.M.A.R.T. We do read, analyze and work to improve our content, products and services based off the feedback we receive. Normally this attribute value should be equal to zero and if the value is far above zero, then most likely there will be some serious problems with power supply or an Smart Attributes One of them (Disk 3) shows Raw Read Error Rate of 1764; for the other three drives, that value is 0.One other factor: I have enabled fast CIFS writes.

Attribute: Current Pending Sector Count", Knowledge Base, Acronis ^ Cabla, Lubomir (2009-08-06). "HDAT2 v4.6 User's Manual" (PDF) (1.1 ed.). ^ "Attributes". It seems to be built with free software (watcom and the DOS extender have both been opensourced), but ran out of time to investigate further - any x86 reverse engineering gurus Pay closer attention to other parameters and overall drive health. http://peakappcare.com/read-error/read-error-rate-117.php The decrease of the attribute's value down to the threshold value signifies achievement of MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures).Some measures, like power-on hours or number of contact start/stops are easy to

This is why, on modern hard disks, "bad blocks" cannot be found while testing the surface - all bad blocks are hidden in reallocated sectors. error, you should realize the disk is on the way to its breakdown. The decrease of the attribute's value indicates the troubles in the mechanical HDD's part.* Device Power Cycle Count Raw value contains the total number of drive start/stop cycles (including both power Further, 36% of drives failed without recording any S.M.A.R.T.

warnings" identified as scan errors, reallocation count, offline reallocation and probational count. An increase of this attribute value is a sign of problems in the hard disk mechanical subsystem. 11 0x0B Recalibration Retries or Calibration Retry Count This attribute indicates the count that ID attribute name 0 = the attribute isn't used 1 Raw Read Error Rate 2 Throughput Performance 3 Spin Up Time 4 Start/Stop Count 5 Reallocated Sector Count 6 Read More information See also: S.M.A.R.T.

For the same device smartctl limits their output to attribute 199. 212 D4 Shock During Write This parameter indicates shock encountered during write operations.2 213 D5 Gr seek err/RRO-C ERP Count Retrieved 8 September 2011. ^ "BackBlaze SMART blog". Size. It is impossible to completely remove the cause of the error, as it often involves physical wear of the hard disk mechanism.

The value of this attribute shows total count of hours (or minutes, or seconds, depending on manufacturer) in power-on state. attributes[edit] Each drive manufacturer defines a set of attributes,[18][19] and sets threshold values beyond which attributes should not pass under normal operation. This is done to detect any possible growing defects before they become critical. For the same device smartctl limits their output to attribute 199. 217 D9 Unlock/Mis Read Count Found on Hitachi Deskstar P7K500; reported by Victoria 4.46B.

pp.1–5. Acronis Knowledge Base. Note: some manufacturers may use the attributes for different purposes also. For the mnemonic used in other contexts, see Smart.

Allen, Bruce (2004). "Monitoring Hard Disks with SMART". Unfortunately I'm not SMART enough to determine the compression algorithm used. It can fail completely anytime – both within several minutes or in a month or even in a year.